Swot Analysis Of Kinetico Water System

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Kinetico Water System Candee Grussendorf Marketing in Global Environment Kinetico Water System Kinetico Water Systems has taken a smarter approach to solving water problems because they realized that fresh water is an essential natural resource that consumers all depend upon. Kinetico is committed to responsible water use and preservation to meet today's global economic and environmental needs without compromising the opportunity for future generations to meet theirs. They have built their company and reputation on innovative, ecologically sound and efficient water treatment that improves water quality and makes life better for all. (Kinetico, 2018) The Kinetico water system fills a definite need in the market for consumers today to remove…show more content…
Potential consumers most likely choose to vote, recycle, and donate to charity. A main reason people purchase water softeners is to feel better in numerous ways. These consumers like the idea of healthier, cleaner water. It is the benefits that attract the consumers such as cleaner laundry, spotless dishes, health and preserving the life or their homes and appliances. This ultimately draws more to women. The primary market consists of men and women between the ages of 34-65. The secondary target market is driven specifically toward women between the ages of 34-65 due to the fact woman are drive the purchasing decision for this demographic. Woman’s daily actives are usually highly active in the age bracket there for once again they are drawn to the awesome benefits of having clean water and soft hair. (Water treatment systems, 2018) Product Kinetico water systems come in several options they provide the equipment needed for the customer’s specific situation, whether it be commercial or residential. Below is an image of the Kinetico Premiere…show more content…
Also, they are not only providing their consumers with a quality amenity that they will be able endure the benefits for a lifetime it says so in the product guarantees but they fit the products to serve the consumers; that is what is great about it. I personally use to work as a water technician I am familiar with these systems I believe in the process the system and the benefits provided. All in all, the benefits equal more than the cost. I feel this company will continue to be successful grow and continue to provide clean healthy water all around the world without using

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