Comparison Between Christopher Boone And Raymond Babbit

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“Routines, rituals, are all he [had] to protect himself” (Bass, 34). Because of this, Christopher Boone and Raymond Babbit were unable to function properly when slight things were changed from their daily routine. Routines, such as Christopher counting red and yellow cars every morning, being one of the things that helped these two autistic savants feel in control. Once they lost their feeling of control, Christopher and Raymond each had their own irrational way of reacting to the non-existent threat. Both characters underwent a significant change at one point in the story. For Christopher, this change occurred when he traveled to London to find his mother. For Raymond, the changed occurred when he was kidnapped by Charlie. Due to this significant change, both of them were able to overcome their fear of change, causing their emotional intelligence to improve. Therefore, Christopher and Raymond’s biggest fear was also what ended up helping them greatly. Raymond and Christopher reacted differently to change. For Raymond, “breaking a routine [was] terrifying” (Bass, 36). When Charlie was touching…show more content…
Towards the end of the film, Raymond was, although still reluctant, willing to accept change. For example, he actually wanted to learn how to dance, which he would never have agreed to do when he was still at Walbrook, where he got nervous simply because Charlie was “running his hands along the books” (Bass, 37). Another instance of how much Raymond had adapted to change by the end of the film was when he made a connection with Charlie, which he could not do in the beginning, by agreeing that “Kmart sucks” (Bass, 182). This adaptation to change and partial abandonment to routine is what ultimately improves Raymond’s emotional

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