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In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, Christopher Boone, the main character, is diagnosed with ‘Asperger's Syndrome’. This condition creates impairment in one’s social abilities. Christopher struggles with communicating and expressing his feelings with others. His brain works different than most. For example, Boone cannot put his finger on what other peoples facial expressions represent. He does not get jokes or metaphors, either. Although he may not seem like the brightest child, Christopher excels in mathematics. In fact, he can name every prime number up to 7,057. The author even lists the chapters of the book using all prime numbers. That explains why the last chapter is number two hundred thirty-three.…show more content…
She helps emotionally guide Boone throughout the novel. He decides to investigate who is the real murderer of Wellington. Siobhan thought it would be a smart idea for Chris to write a murder-mystery novel, since he admires Sherlock Holmes so much. This is the reason why he is writing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Chris explains. Christopher does not cope with the death of Wellington as a grieving moment, like most of us would. Instead he sees it as a challenge to hunt down the killer. In the process, Chris will update his murder-mystery novel as he discovers more…show more content…
It makes him more self-providing. This made him so independent, he found the train station on his own and was prepared to take a train to London, where his mother lives. This dramatic event also made Christopher trust no one. When a police officer stopped Boone and tried to reunite him with his father Christopher ran away and hid on a train from the police squad. This was very unlike Boone, because Christopher used to talk abut how much he valued cops. Chris focused on running away but in the process, forgets to look after Toby, his beloved pet rat. The rat scurries onto the train tracks. Christopher runs after Toby just as a train is bounding down the track toward him. Bystanders try to warn the boy that a subway is coming but Christopher becomes stressed and draws his knife under all the pressure. After safely retrieving Toby, Christopher finally boards a London-bound train and navigates to his mother’s apartment. When Mrs. Boone spots her son, she is overcome with happiness. Because the thought of living with Wellington’s killer frightens him, Christopher decides to live with his mother. This is not an easy decision for him because he did not particularly enjoy London. He loved Swindon, which was his hometown. Also, Christopher was taking an A-level math course in Swindon. He had a test that he was prepping for his whole life coming up that week. Therefore, Christopher convinces his mother to

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