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The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze the different Intelligence assets that could have been used to change the outcome of Operation Hump, the battle that took place on the 8th of November 1965. I will discuss the different points of view and arguments for the different courses of action, and assets that could have happened as opposed to what actually happened. Next I will identify and answer possible anticipated thoughts problems and solutions in the courses of action chosen. Next, assumptions will be made and discussed and will be supported by facts collected through research. The penultimate thing I will discuss is an alternative outcome to the operation, and how it could have altered the Vietnam War, if the Intelligence assets…show more content…
On the 8th of November Charlie Company began their assault on Hill 65; little to their knowledge the Viet Cong had a large force, of roughly 1,200 Viet Cong soldiers, waiting for them on the South side of Hill 65 armed with machine guns and shotguns. While in route to their own objective, Hill 78, Bravo Company was then redirected to Hill 65 to assist their sister Company. Once at the location of Hill 65 both companies fought relentlessly against the armed Viet Cong often relying on the use of their bayonets in close quarter combat. Although it was overall mission success in taking Hill 65 that day, 48…show more content…
The first airborne SIGINT platform used by the U.S. Army flew over Vietnam in 1962. Although it was only direction finding utilized in the U-6 Beaver,(3) it would have still been helpful in being able to identify a larger force of Viet Cong fights than originally anticipated. One hole in this argument is the fact that the Viet Cong was mostly made up of the People's Liberation Armed Forces (PLAF), which did not necessarily have the same type of equipment when it came to radios that the Vietnam Army had. Another argument is that the Viet Cong did have mounted Soviet anit-aircraft weapons; however there are no reports of them having this capability on Hill 65. If utilized they could have added more of a force instead of just Charlie Company as originally planned. In this case Bravo Company would have still been able to conduct their mission of assaulting Hill

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