Friendly Fire 'And Fallen Angels'

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How would you feel if you could never see a loved one again? Weather it would be them going to war or passing away. The families in the movie Friendly Fire and the book “Fallen Angels”, experiance experiance these feeling everyday of their life. Unfourtnaky the family in Friendly Fire is less fortunate. In the movie they lose their son Michael Mullen while he was fighting for his country. In the book “Fallen Angels” the family is more fortunate that their son Richie Perry is fighting in the war, but not has lost to it. If you were to walk in someone else's shoes you can have a whole different outlook on things. Friendly Fire is a movie about the grief stricken parents of Michael Mullen. Michael Mullen was killed by “artillery fire from friendly forces”. This leaves the parents of Michael, Gene and Peg Mullen, confused and filled with…show more content…
Over the course of the movie the Mullen’s have many people over to talk about the death of their son. One evening they have a gentleman named Earl over for dinner. At the dinner table there was nothing but arguing. Earl does not like what Gene and Peg are doing at all. Peg gets very defensive because Earl doesn’t know how it is to be walking in their shoes, with the death of their son so suddenly and not knowing the actual death of their son. Peg travels to washington DC to protest against the war, so that nobody else has to go through what they are going through. Now even walking through the streets of their own town people who were good friends with them won't even look at them. If they see them walking on one side of the street they will cross it to avoid them. Though people know the situation they are going through they have no idea hot it would feel to be them. They think they are doing something wrong but all they are trying to do is get answers so they can put this to

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