Walking Dead Season 1 Analysis

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Over the years, many forms of video games have emerged from action packed titles like Prince of Persia to more strategic games like Football Manager. In recent times, in the local gaming scene, more and more narrative based games seem to be appearing. These games, like The Walking Dead Season 1 seek to tap into the user’s subconscious and emotions to create a unique experience. Therefore, to create engaging and believable characters, game developers may utilise various psychological principles to increase the interactive storytelling in games.The Walking Dead Season 1 was chosen as it features a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique past, personalities and concerns that aid in the development of the story. The plot and premise also help to craft a well-rounded story. The purpose of this essay is to examine the quality of the game narrative in relation to its plot, premise, character and story development in the video game The Walking Dead Season 1 in order to determine how it can be improved through the knowledge of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, player feedback and the state of “flow”, Carl Jung’s archetypes, the use of language or words in the game as well as the Monomyth.…show more content…
The plot of the game involves two main characters, Lee and Clementine, who meet each other during a zombie apocalypse and how their relationship and character develop as they encounter other survivors. Clementine is trying to locate her parents who are last known to be in Savannah with Lee’s help. An ideal principle used in driving this plot is Maslow's Hierarchy of

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