Media Influence On Pitbulls

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The media portrays pit bulls to be vicious killers but the majority of negative images are caused by humans. Dog fighting is a big issue in the overall reputation of pit bulls. When animals are trained to fight, they can become vicious killers. Oftentimes, it leads owners to mistreat or abuse animals because of their aggression. All in all the animal care facilities are left to provide care and rehabilitation. Pit bulls can overcome the negative image in the media by retiring their fighting careers and letting the people fight for them. The media may have a foothold on the outlook of pit bulls but the falsified information can be overturned with the correct knowledge. The history of the pit bull breed is a big influence on dog fighting and…show more content…
Little do they know that most attacks are influenced by owners and the teachings that were placed on these dogs. In a lengthy article published by TIME, they talk about statistics of dog attacks caused by pit bulls along with other information. A report was published in April of 2011 that a person is killed by a pit bull every 14 days, two are injured by a pit bull everyday and children are highly at risk. This specific breed has been the most responsible for more fatal attacks than any other breed. This information is released on rocky ground because the dogs are not to blame. Pit bull supporters believe these animals are getting a bad rap due to the owners with bad intentions. Any breed can be aggressive if raised to do so and there are no breeds inherently more dangerous than others. Critics believe that violence runs through their DNA and pit bulls have selective behavior instead of learned behavior. These beliefs can be proven wrong with the rehabilitation of pit bulls who were once trained to kill. This being a slow process in the beginning but a huge step in the end

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