Summary Of Alan Goldman's View Of Sex As Plain Sex

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Alan Goldman views sex as “plain sex”. His “means-end” analysis (using a person as a mean to ends) that sex is misrepresented; sexual activity or a goal. Using physical contact as a sexual desire; another person’s body for pleasure or a goal is not sexual desire, but a sign of affection (Luper and Brown, p. 213). Goldman talks about the types of love; the monogamous sex; one of the partner control their spouse’s body. He criticizes the sex-love model that sex is a natural feature of mutual sex acts (Luper and Brown, p.216). People use sex for other wrong purposes: Sexual motives and sexual mortality: rape and actions are wrong because it is sexual (Luper and Brown, p.218). There is no harm to each other because the bodies are used for pleasure.…show more content…
Arkes is against prostitution, but he makes a good point about the prostitution itself. The law banned much advertising that are legitimate, but not the case of prostitution. Arkes is criticizing the law annexing the massage parlors in New York City; the massage parlors has right to stay in business for what it is for (Luper and Brown, p. 230). Also, the massage shops have to be 500 ft. away from schools and churches. Prostitution does seem to increase in crimes: thief and muggings, but Arkes says that it would be wrong to ban it (Luper and Brown, p. 233). The two partners have a connection and are deeply in love have a sense of commitment; marriage produces children - unlike, prostitution. Arkes argues that prostitution does not cause an increase in the breakup of families, because some values their spouses, but also finds a way to find satisfaction (Luper and Brown, p. 233). He argues about Goldman’s plain sex that people are misusing their freedom. Rape is different from plain sex because it involves a violation to another person’s body. Prostitution and pornography are not considered as a business because, in China and Japan, parents would sell their children for money!! (Luper and Brown, p.238) However, prostitution should not be legalized. He criticizes the legislation of child labors on pornography that it is acceptable for children to act in Disney movies or model for sears but not the case of pornography and prostitution. I do not believe that Arkes has a correct view regarding prostitution because prostitution does increase break-up in families, and prostitution and pornography are

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