The Causes Of Obsession: The Psychological Effects Of Perfection

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In the past recent years, psychologists tried to understand people by the way that they look at themselves. As most people are no longer stratified with their looks, psychologists put mirrors to scrutinize people’s behaviors to seek perfection. Psychologists have realized that people seek to perfection in order to fit in the society. When talking about perfection, people tend to be uncomfortable instantly. People see perfection as “complete” in every single aspect. As a matter of fast people think of perfection as an unattainable goal and reject the truth. However, no human is perfect. Psychologists recognized that people’s first experience is self-consciousness, the second is comparison. Hence, every week thousands and thousands of person…show more content…
The physiological effects have a major impact on the person. It is not easy for a person to change his/her appearance and getting used to it overnight. Some patients do not have the results they expected after they go under the knife; consequently, they go into depression, which lowers their self-esteem. Likewise, people who face failure outcomes from consuming dietary supplements will also face low self-esteem as they might think that there is a problem going on with their body. In addition, obsessing over brand names is a cause of self-esteem. Those people who have the desire to seek perfection are pressured by continuous stress and create a chaos in their life. Having low self-esteem leads one to stress. Nowadays, people stress and think about the future while they’re in the present. They keep thinking about the next step to maintain their perfect image to the public’s eye, they can never enjoy what they have due to the stress and pressure they are under. Low self-esteem plays a major part in stress, when a person is unable to express his/her own feelings and is always cornered away, they he/she is going to be anxious. For one to accomplish perfection he/she will have to satisfy everyone but himself/herself, and that leads him/her to stress. By way of example, teens who feel insecure by who they think are flawless and perfect on the social Medias and that leads them to go into a stressful state of mind. This creates a havoc not only to the person’s life but also to his/her family’s too, because good enough is not good in our

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