Should Super Bowl Ads Be Banned Essay

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The super bowl attracts over a 100 million viewers each year that are of all ages and from different backgrounds. One reason people watch the super bowl other than the game is the ads. One 30 second commercial aired during a super bowl costs up to 4 million dollars per 30 second spot, a spot like this could make a difference in a company’s success and can influence potential buyers to purchase the product. However, not all ads that we see on TV during the super bowl are all the ads that were made. Many super bowl ads have been rejected for various reasons on many occasions. The responsibility of the ads getting on the airwaves is a major concern to the networks that broadcast the game, as well as the ethical issues that surround the banned super bowl ads. Lastly, the limits of the networks choices that they make on banning super bowl ads. The responsibility of rejecting or accepting super bowl ads and allowing them on a networks airwaves is a huge…show more content…
They are the ones that own their airwaves and control what we see. Having the networks control what we see sensors our right to free speech. What we are allowed to say to the public especially on a big event like the super bowl where many millions of people will be able to see what the advertisers stand for. If rejected our voice is silenced on what the advertisers wanted to convey about the product even if the amount paid is in the millions. On the other hand the network owns the airwaves. What they limit on the airwaves is also considered as what they stand for and represent as a company to the public, if they ban an advertisement or allow one the ad will reflect not only on the advertiser but also on the network that allowed the ad to air. The network needs to limit what they put on their airwaves also because they don’t want to deal with the bad press that comes with an ad and be seen as a bad network in the eye of the

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