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Young Contemporaries is the artistic talent of young generations is paramount in contemporary Malaysia. Young Contemporaries also is a good way for young people to explore creative skills. Young emerging artist has been introduced since 1974 by the National Art Gallery to mengcungkil young talents or emerging artist in the employment of them. In addition, the Young Contemporaries is a competition held by the National Art Gallery, which represents the government in the search for young visual artist. Following an increase in the number of artists young who have passed out of the institutions of art where they need spaces that specializes in show abilities and introduce creativity employment of them in public, the National Art Gallery (NAG) has…show more content…
Another major goal is, Emerging young artist was to provoke the interest of the visual arts. In addition, another objective is to increase public interest in contemporary art in our country. The design of the Tate Gallery art museum as a patron of the arts, Patron of New Art. It thus can be said to be powerless to produce young artists with potential as a contemporary artist in the western countries which have won awards such as Damien Hirst (1995), Douglas Gordon (1996) and many others who are now a major artist leading artist in status our art world today. The organization of the exhibition is very important to create a culture of 'fresh' to society towards a new interest in the arts. The exhibition is a contemporary-art exhibition held earlier involving the participation of so memberiangsangkan but not at this time. Young Contemporaries competition has produced the biggest names in art, particularly former major winners Young Contemporaries. Only the savvy art alone that can appreciate works of art that even the works of visual art is part of the national cultural container that should be observed and understood by all members of

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