Childhood Obesity In America

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“I’ll take the quarter pounder with everything on it, a large fry, an apple pie, and a diet coke.” This is the typical order of men, women, and children everywhere, and we wonder why we are one of the most obese countries in the world. Obesity is destroying the lives of many, especially in the lives of children. Recent studies show that childhood obesity has doubled over the past thirty years ("Childhood Obesity Causes & Consequences."). There are many causes and health factors of obesity, but this disease can easily be prevented and solved. There are several factors that play a role in childhood obesity, but one major factor would be found in the media. Many television commercials are about a certain food product which target children.…show more content…
A healthy lifestyle lowers the chances of being obese and the problems that come with it. Usually children are influenced by their parent’s reactions. If parents of obese children start eating healthier and started exercising more every day, the chance of them and their kids being obese will diminish. Another way we can solve the obesity epidemic in America is by getting access to healthy foods. This goes hand in hand with changing our lifestyles. If you want to change our lifestyles, we need to eat healthier food, but healthy food can be expensive compared to going to McDonald’s to order off the dollar menu. But how can we get healthy and nutritious food to communities that don’t have access to supermarkets? The community could create a farmers market that would sale wholesome and organic foods that people need to help decrease the chances of being obese. Creating a farmers market can be very beneficial because it helps change many people’s lifestyles and creates a variety of jobs and businesses throughout the community. I believe Schools can make an important impact to ending childhood obesity. Schools nowadays require children to get a side of fruit or a vegetable with their lunch. This is a great idea because it helps students get the daily nutrition they need and helps children fill up on healthy options instead of junk food. Schools also provide health classes to inform children on the dangers of eating too much food high in fat and calories. This class also gives students an idea on what their meals should consist of and how much intake of food they can have per day. In every school, it is mandatory for children to attend gym class. They may not like having it at the time, but it helps most children get a majority of the daily exercise they need in one day ("Childhood Obesity Causes &
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