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What was Philadelphia like during the war? Philadelphia was one of the largest cities in the North during its time. Most Philadelphians took to newspapers to stay updated on the happenings of war. Philadelphia was very profitable for the Union. A wide production of weapons, and medical supplies were all shipped from Philadelphia. There were also a large number of troops that came from this very populous city. Because of its prominent location, Philadelphia was a main source for uniforms for the Union soldiers, as well as a host of two of the largest military hospitals in the United States Throughout the war, the most notable thing that derived from Philadelphia was the Republican Party. The Republican Party was not supported widely before the war because of its anti-slavery views, but during the war it was revamped and controlled Philadelphia’s political agendas for years to follow. Because of the beginning of the war, the Philadelphians turned all of their anger towards southern sympathizers in reaction to the tearing apart of the nation. During the war, the majority of Philadelphians supported the reelection of Abraham Lincoln, and all that he stood for. Philadelphia used its resources as a strong force to show support to those soldiers, from both home and neighboring states,…show more content…
Women like Mary Ashhurst would begin with prayer and her daily sewing for friends who were fighting. Other women would have a schedule of morning cleaning, trips to the market and even enjoying a meal with a friend on occasion. Many women in the Northern cities also kept up with the battles and consistently read newspapers to stay up to date. When it came to closer battles, many women would help prepare hospitals and other comforts of home for Union soldiers who might need them. Other women would continue daily housekeeping chores like planting vegetables and flowers to try and maintain a normal

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