Rhetorical Analysis Of Michelle Obama's Speech On Childhood Obesity

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The first lady, Michelle Obama, is the speaker for all three of the speeches on childhood obesity, while being supported by many studies and online journals. In these speeches and studies the speakers are addressing the problem and cause of childhood obesity. Overweight is when a being has excess body weight for a particular height from fat, muscle, bone, water, or a combination of these factors. Obesity is defined as having excess body fat. By using rhetorical devices such as anaphoras, pathos, ethos, and primarily logos the speakers help reveal the American Value of not only good health, which many Americans strive for because it can lead to a longer life, but also success. In the first speech, Michelle Obama refers to kids as sponges,…show more content…
His studies consisted of 1080 European American obese children and 1479 African American obese children. All patients were consecutively recruited from the Greater Philadelphia area from 2006 to 2009 at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. These adolescents were biologically unrelated from the data base that they were shown and were between the ages of “2 and 18 years old” (Glessner, Joseph). His studies show that the rise in childhood obesity is partially genetic. If both parents are scientifically categorized as obese, then the child has more than a 50 percent chance of also being obese. Joseph has also found that ancestry has a major factor on the biological factor of childhood obesity. If along the way the child’s grandparents were obese but the child’s parents are not, then the genome for obesity has an opportunity of skipping a generation and the child could become obese. So, although Michelle Obama has as a plethora of different ideas on how to help stop and fight childhood obesity, Glessner has presented the side that some children have no say in their genetics and that is why they are obese. If the child is born and raised by obese parents, then like Michelle Obama said, it is all a choice by the child to stay that

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