Myths Related Sex Crimes

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It’s imperative that the general public becomes aware of the myths that surround sex crimes. According to the UCR rape and sexual related offenses are the most underreported offenses; the NCVS also indicates that only 30-35% of all rapes and sexual assaults against person 12 year old + are reported. Terry, K.J. (2013) I think that the victims believe a lot of the myths and fail to report because they find a way to justify the crime or don’t feel secure enough to report the crime. Research has confirmed the myth that related sex crimes are accepted by the majority of the population and that includes law enforcement Terry, K.J. (2013). If law enforcement and personnel from the justice system believe in these myths, it creates effects on how the…show more content…
In my opinion I think it’s very important to know why most sex crimes go unreported, because it is false statement that most sex crimes are reported to law enforcement. The reason I feel that it’s important to know why victims do not report sex crimes is so we can have a better understanding of the victims views and what law enforcement can do to change that myth. Victims who suffer from a sex crime offense go through an ordeal of emotional distress and sometimes physical, this is where law enforcement should make them feel comfortable enough to open…show more content…
Victims reported some areas of dissatisfaction and one of the main critiques was that law enforcement needed to have better training in victim’s sensitivity. Quinn, Elizabeth & Brightman, Sara. (2015). Kennedy and Saco (1998) Stated that victims who do try to report the crime to the police and feel like they are not being believed or feel ashamed could experience a symptom called secondary victimization , this is where the victims feel traumatized by the a criminal justice personnel. Quinn, Elizabeth & Brightman, Sara. (2015). Kennedy and Saco (1998). I feel that if I or a family member had been victims of a sex crime I would want someone who had been trained enough to make me feel positive and reassured me that everything would be okay because I had someone that would look out for our best

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