Childhood In The 1960s Research Paper

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December 31st, 1998. Ryan Michael Schnitker was welcomed into the world. Welcomed into the New Year and into a loving family. My life growing up was filled with an ever changing society. I still remember listening carefully and diligently to my parent’s stories about their childhood in the 1960s around the dinner table at nights. Fascinated by the differences, I have grown to see the changes of society. The world has evolved much over 40 years in areas including technology, financials, and social lifestyle. Society’s perspectives of maturing can be shown through a personal account of a childhood in the 2000s and childhood in the 1960s. Children who grew up during this time period experienced a daily lifestyle much different than a child who grows up today. In the 1960s, electronic technology was not an available…show more content…
My father commented that children today have to grow up faster than children back then. He reasoned that today’s children are exposed to what many people perceive as the “real world” more quickly. Many children have to mature and grow up faster and learn to be independent and self-sufficient. Without having the burden of technology or social media, a child in the 1960s could keep their childhood innocence. My father further explained that life back then was not as fast paced. He could enjoy his childhood and not have to worry about the near future. However, today, I worry about what is going to happen in the next week. I focus on how a low test score could affect my future and college placement. I have grown up and allowed minor issues to affect my lifestyle. As I reflect back on my childhood, I have seen how quickly that I have grown up because of school or the violence of the world. It is disheartening to see m lose my “inner kid”. Today’s world is fast paced and ever changing; yet, in the 1960s, children could enjoy the pleasure of being a

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