Child Soldiers Speech

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40% of the world’s armed forces use child soldiers causing over 300,000 children to be warring in some underdeveloped countries. Thousands and thousands of children are used, abused, and killed, every day because of the fighting method of using children to do the dirty work of war. Because of this, there is a raging debate on whether child soldiers should be put into jail on the grounds that they have committed child soldiers should be given amnesty because they are forced into it, they had no control over their actions and they had no reason to go home/run away The first and foremost justification that child soldiers should be given amnesty is that they were either forced or tricked into the army. This is meaning not only that they were kidnapped…show more content…
Like it was said in the last paragraph, some children are abducted however another way to say that is "Some children are abducted and beaten into submission," (Child Recruitment and Use). This way of abuse to children to get them to do what you want is actually very common in a lot of the places were they use children for soldiers. The first reason is, "[The children] can be psychologically manipulated through a deliberate programme of starvation, thirst, fatigue, voodoo, indoctrination, beatings, the use of drugs and alcohol, and even sexual abuse to render them compliant to the new norms of child soldiering." (Coercion and Intimidation of Child Soldiers to Participate in Violence). And then the text goes on to say, "Many child soldiers are compelled to follow these orders under threat of severe punishment or death. To coerce children to participate in combat and commit atrocities against civilians, commanders not only use threats of violence against child recruits but also against their families as well as the possibility of torture and death at the hands of the enemy." (Coercion and Intimidation of Child Soldiers to Participate in Violence). This is showing how not only are the children being taken but they are also being abused for some adults personal
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