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Child Soldiers This problem with child soldiers is getting way too out of hand. The children that the people take are 10 years old or younger. This issue has been going on for multiple years. It has been going on since World War 2 and it needs to stop now. Child soldiers are completely innocent and they are victims of war. Child soldiers are criminals of war and the should be treated that way because they kill US soldiers and they can harm people in and outside of the US. The child soldiers are not criminals of war because they are torn from their family and they they are forced to fight in war. They are innocent and they don’t have any choice in what they do because if they don’t obey their leader they will get killed. Child soldiers are completely innocent because they are treated horribly and they are not treated fairly and are abused and are brainwashed and they are forced to do everything they do such as kill…show more content…
The child soldiers have no choice in whether or not they are enlisted in war. The war criminals that take the kids feed them drugs and alcohol to make them do things they usually would not without the drugs. The children that are said “war criminals” are being treated horribly and abused everyday. (“Child Soldier, Prosecution”) This evidence shows that the kids that are drafted to the army or taken to go to the army, have no choice in what happens next to them. They have a whole future ahead of them and the leaders of the child soldiers are the ones who are taking their futures away. The kids are just being treated terribly and we are here eating food that is good and we get full and throw the food away and in the places where the child soldiers are they are getting fed drugs and alcohol and they don’t get to eat regular food. That was my third supporting

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