Child Soldiers Research Paper

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Forgiveness There are estimate of two hundred fifty thousand child soldiers today. Some are abducted from their home and forced to become soldiers. A village may be forced to provide a certain number of children as soldiers in exchange for staying safe from attack. In some cases, children volunteer because of ideological reasons to avenge the death of a family member. Child soldiers should be given amnesty because they are forced to serve, they are only doing it for safety, and not all child soldiers kill people. One reason child soldiers should be given amnesty is not all of the child soldiers kill people. People think a child soldier fights because the word soldier means someone who fights. In this case, it is wrong. “Girls are often pressed into duty as cooks or messengers. Many are subjected to sexual abuse, including rape¨(Gettleman). Girls did not kill soldiers or hurt any soldiers. It is estimated that forty percent of all child soldiers are girls. They should be given amnesty because not all of them have hurt somebody. Child soldiers have tasks besides killing people.…show more content…
“Thousand of children are being forced to serve as soldiers around the world”(Gettleman). The child soldiers have no choice if they did have a choice, they would not kill any of the soldiers. Child soldiers are forced to take drugs, if they do not take the drugs they will die. If a human had a choice of death or stay alive they would choose to be alive. “International Criminal Court Article 26 prohibits the court from prosecuting anyone under the age 18; however, in spite of child soldiers are still tried and jailed for their actions”(First Reflection Invisible Children). If a child under the age eighteen in America kills hundreds of people the child does not die, but if a child soldier killed eleven people the child must die. Child soldiers are forced to kill people and to join the

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