Theodore Roosevelt's Flaws

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Introduction Theodore Roosevelt was the 26the President of America. He was an accomplished explorer, soldier, politician, author, and historian . He is acclaimed among the most successful, revered, and influential presidents that the US has ever produced. This paper will conduct a book review of the text titled “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edmund Morris. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt The book explores the life history of President Roosevelt. The book starts with a gleaming introduction that describes his success and the height of his global prestige. The author projects the president’s interactions with the populace are presented as a warm and open one. He shook hands with about 8,150 civilians at the white house in the year 1907, which…show more content…
It is evident that the author was very excited about pointing out the outstanding qualities of the subject matter. There is not even a single mistake of substance that is admitted . The coverage of Roosevelt charge of defamation is depicted as one of the exaggerated vehemence. In general, there are no major flaws that are identified in the character, which raises questions whether the author was indeed honest about what he wrote. In this respect, it can be said that Morris’ admiration for Roosevelt might have blinded him from capturing the possible flows in his life. It is clear that just like any other human being president Roosevelt’s life was dotted with flaws. Therefore, portraying him as a more astute and almost flawless person compromises the narration about his…show more content…
It is quite hard to have a figure that is more democratic, but at the same time has centralized authority. It is revealed that President Roosevelt had largely personalized power, and his sense of self was progressively indivisible from his main beliefs. It ought to have informed the audience if he was authoritative or not, for a person who likes imposing his views on others should have some tendencies of an autocrat. In this book, the most striking thing is that the author conducted a thorough research before penning down the chronological account of Roosevelt’s life. The book is very informative and appealing to the readers who are keen on learning more about the character of Roosevelt. The structuring of the story makes it easier for the audience to trace the route by which he made it to the helm of power. It is quite easy for one to grasp the life of Theodore Roosevelt from this book because of how it has been simplified

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