Child Soldiers Research Paper

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Aisha Ali Al Ali 100040168 Child soldiers Property has widely spread around the world which caused countless problems. These problems Contributed to the growth of numbers of wars. Brutality has not only spread to adults it was similarly implemented to children. The participation of children in armed conflicts increased throughout the history in various wars such as the World War I, Russian civil war, and Hitler youth in Nuremburg, Mexican American war, and Vietnam War. Numerous organizations tried to stop the use of children in military. However, wearisome child soldiers are still suffering of war wounds and drug abuse in the present day. Then why we should disagree to engage child soldiers in the battlefields? Simply since it is an…show more content…
To the commanders and rebels those children are “the perfect weapon”. Leaders prefer children over adults for countless reasons. Children obey their leaders’ commands without resistance. Most of those children are orphaned due to the loss of their parents in wars, thus they are a victim of an abduction. Recruited children are uncountable and expendable which makes the use of them easier than adults. Chiefs can easily manipulate them by using drugs. Drugs can grow fearlessness and loyalty in child soldiers and these features are the most appropriate for a recruited soldiers. Moreover, Rebels recognize that troops will not fire on child soldiers, that’s why they are likely to recruit and abduct more children [1]. As well, adults uses children as a shields for veteran soldiers, because they are less important due to their poor skills…show more content…
One of the main reasons of why not to engage child soldiers in battlefields is what they get during conflicts. As expected conflicts left a deep unforgettable scars and wounds which made those children suffer for the rest of their lives such amputations. During war child soldiers are abused by adults. Because of brutal behaviors, as well as torture and lack of food, sleep, and healthcare, hundreds of child soldiers died [2]. Moreover, they are mentally and emotionally abused during combats. For instance, soldiers who managed to survive as a soldiers they were forced to commit violence such as murdering and raping civilians, enemy soldiers, and family members [2]. What is worse than the mental state after committing terrible crimes? In addition, child soldiers are sexually abused. In particular, girl soldiers are the most sexually exploited during their military

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