Andrew Jackson's Removal Of Native Americans In The 19th Century

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As America was expanding in the 19th century there was something stopping their progression of acquiring more land, The Five Indian Tribes in the southeastern United States. Farmers, settlers, and the United States government alike, were aware that these lands were just what they needed to raise cotton, crops, and to garner the land that they desired to increase the size of their nation. The President at the time of the removal was Andrew Jackson and within weeks of being in office, with the help of John Eaton, made it certainly clear to the Indians that they would, “Submit or leave,” (Meacham, 2008, p. 91). Jackson’s plan since before his presidency was to do what had been attempted but halted before, and that was to have the Indians moved…show more content…
With the discovery of gold in the state of Georgia the Indians faced even more backlash from those already wanting them out. Andrew Jackson’s election so much as sealed their fates, even though laws had been in place to protect the Indians from harassment and attacks from white settlers. This in turn sparked many battles, according to Wikipedia-American Indian Wars, the census Bureau of 1894 there had been over 40 wars resulting in the deaths of 45,000 Indians and 19,000 whites. As states by President Jackson (Remini, 2001), “They will be free from the mercenary influence of White men and undisturbed by local authority of the…show more content…
House of Representatives, OLRC) by the twenty first Congress of the United States. The act stated that the president had authority over the tribes and was to oversee their removal upon their exchange of land, and to guarantee their protection and to ensure that they would not be disturbed by any persons going forward. The Indian Removal Act, federal code 25 U.S.C. 1988 § 174 ( contained eight sections, and was a close call bringing in votes of 102-97 according to Dan Bryan ( The eight sections explained the law in further detail, although previous laws had not been upheld by the government to protect the Indians and the

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