Charles De Gaulle: The Father Of Europe

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Charles de Gaulle is a favoruable figure among the French. Once a general fighting in World War I to fighiting politically for the best interest of France and the French people. De Gaulle is refered to as the Father of Europe because of his continous adovacting the integration of Europe. Charles de Gaulle was an opinated person and never failed to be vocal about his views and decisions, his decision to go against Hitler and the Vichy Regime is something that is still talked about today. The disappointmemt in the fall of France was evident to the french people, including Charles de Gaulle. France was not expected to fall as quickly as it did, and it stunned many nations into questioning the strength of the Nazis. France fell at just 6 weeks…show more content…
When the allies of France did not see the situation at the time dire need of attention, later on de Gaulle believed that the nationalistic approach for France was the best possible way to go. Throughout his presidency, de Gaulle demonstrated his dislike of having relations with other European super powers, such as Britain, I which he vetoed trade agreements often. De Gaulle’s position on European integration was far fetched on not getting involved and solely seeking the benefit of France within France. This patriotic view was shaped during his time in WWII when he realized France was alone in defeating Germany while they occupy France. Furthermore, during his political career it is evident that his opinion and view of public relations in Europe has drastically changed. The beginning he had this hopeful and juvenile view that Europe will run to Frances aid against Nazi Germany, though that was not the case. During his presidency, he only sought on national affairs mostly, though occasionally participated in European integration, but not as much as general de Gaulle did during WWII. His idea of France was so great; something that he believed to be spectacular, furthermore, his sense of nationality was special to the nation. Earnestly, de Gaulle wanted what was best for France, and during his presidency tried to achieve

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