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Introduction: Even though we live in 21st century, the age of democracy and freedom, humanity still faces a big problem within children rights field. Children rights are the most endangered in developing countries, especially in the Central Asia region. This critical review examines the article that links child labor to disregard of children rights in the Uzbekistan. ¨Socioeconomic Dimensions of Child Labor in Central Asia¨ is written by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat who is researcher in a biology and chemistry industries. In this article author claims that school-aged children are regularly involved in forced cotton picking in the Uzbekistan for very little or no payment at all, and that they suffer from a brutal exploitation that endangers their…show more content…
B.A. Bhat argues that agricultural reforms did not help to abolish child labor because farmers do not own the land they use and the reforms were not supported by all of the contending groups within the ruling class. The rural poor were not sufficiently organized to implement the legislation on the land reform that would change the agricultural operations. Lands were divided and owned by private owners, who care only about the financial benefits for themselves. Due to the fact that the ruling class has a lot of influence on Uzbek government, the education mechanism is out of order. Schools are shut down during the peak season, when the cotton needs to be picked. Children from 7-14 years old do not have any other choice, either they have to work in the fields, or they will face harsh consequences. The other reason why child labor is a severe issue in Uzbekistan is because the economic reforms are relatively slow and poverty and unemployment are widespread. Most of the population lives in the countryside, and most of the children are part of large families. Lots of school-aged children live in the regions with high rates of both population density and unemployment, and because of the unemployment of adults, and tradition to take care of your elderly parents, that is…show more content…
Bath had to define Child labor more clearly in the article, because according to International Labor Organization (ILO) ¨Not all work done by children should be classified as child labour that is to be targeted for elimination. Children’s or adolescents’ participation in work that does not affect their health and personal development or interfere with their schooling, is generally regarded as being something positive. This includes activities such as helping their parents around the home, assisting in a family business or earning pocket money outside school hours¨ , and of course author mentions that the conditions in the cotton fields are hazardous, but he as well states that children are working next to their school hours and help their parents around the home by providing the elderly with the money. And if we compare it to the ILO definition of child labor, child labor is not that big of an issue in the

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