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HUMAN RESOURCES During our walkthrough of the payroll transaction cycle we discussed various aspects of the employee handbook and became aware of the following opportunities to protect the Company assets. Recommendation 1: For the security of the Company locations and personnel, the Company has installed video monitoring devices utilizing Dropcam. In addition to Dropcam, the Company utilizes a mobile device application, FollowMee GPS Tracker on Company iPads. FollowMee is utilized to monitor the location of employees to ensure that they are at their assigned location during business hours. We recommend that the Company incorporate the details of how Dropcam and FollowMee will be utilized by the Company in the employee handbook. In…show more content…
We recommend that the Company review and update job descriptions on a regular basis to ensure that employees are correctly classified as exempt or nonexempt. As this is a highly technical area we recommend that the Company consult with an attorney to determine whether the job descriptions as written are sufficient to support the classification of employees. We have provided a brief outline of the Fair Labor Standards Act three part test. For additional information on the Fair Labor Standards Act you can visit the department of labors website at www.dol.gov. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – is a federal law of general and nationwide application, including Overtime, minimum Wages, Child Labor Protections, and Equal Pay Act. The FLSA requires overtime compensation (time and one-half) for all hours worked over a prescribed threshold for “nonexempt” employees. FLSA overtime cases seek recovery for unpaid or underpaid back wages, plus double damages and attorneys’ fees. In determining whether an employee is exempt an employee must meet all three “tests” to be exempt: 1) Salary level test – Employees paid less than $23,600 per year are nonexempt and generally employees who earn more than $100,000 per year are exempt. 2) Salary basis test – Does the employee perform any of the following types of

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