The Importance Of Beauty In China

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Beauty, the thing that all human beings keep pursuing in their lives. Different people have diverse definitions on beauty, some of them are focusing on the inner, but more people concentrate on the outside, in other words, their appearance. Long time ago, South Korea has already be famous for its techniques of cosmetic surgeries and also the no. of people who received these operations. Putting implants inside the face or carving the face bones to obtain a smaller face seems to be as usual as a body check to Korean girls. On the other hand, in China in the year of 1950, cosmetic surgeries was once forbidden by the Chinese government, even though a person was seriously wounded, government was not allowed doctors to perform any cosmetic surgeries…show more content…
Nowadays, a new term is invented by these girls indirectly, Beauty Captial.(Wen.2013). Chinese girls mainly thinks this means beauty is now an necessary. Because of the above reasons, Chinese girls deeply believe that being beautiful is a must, "be pretty, otherwise no chances" this kind of thinking has already rooted in their mind. Not only girls have these ideas, even their families. Many parents in Mainland gives money to their daughter for having the surgies, in order to lift up her competitive power. In the old time, Chinese people used to believe knowledge can change one's life, but now it changed into beauty can change one's life. But is the beautifulness really useful? Or it is only an short illusion to…show more content…
But there is not a job that only needs your appearance, abilities, efficiency, speed and loyalty are the things that your company wants. Beauty can give you a short term of advantage, but I doubt that whether it can improve something in long term like life. LIfe can be improved by many ways, but mainly by developing a successful career, this makes promotions to be a must-have item on the path of improving one's life. Many bosses in China suggests that promotions will be given to those people who have a strong loyalty to the company, sense of responsibility, strong mentality, coorperative, aggressive and helpful. (Wang.2013,

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