Persuasive Speech On Climate Change

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All our modes of transportation, boats, trains, planes, cars, the way we produce our food, the way we build our cities, almost everything we do releases carbon dioxide, CO2, and that leads to climate change. If we're gonna fight climate change effectively, we have to start by acknowledging that most of our economy is based on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are coal,oil, and natural gas. Oil powers most of the transportation sector, coal and natural gas power most of the electricity. Now, in the first couple decades of the twenty-first century, in order to sustain our dependence on fossil fuels, we're going to very risky, very extreme new sources. You see this in things like mountain top removal for coal, fracking for natural gas, offshore drilling…show more content…
And the ice here has been decreasing. We used to have a solid ice, blue. Hard ice. Now we usually have a, kind of ice cream type of ice. It's ice but it's, when it starts to melt, it melts pretty fast. Much faster than before. 2040, we will be able to sail over the North Pole. There's going to be no sea ice left in the Arctic Ocean in the summer. We are burning so many fossil fuels that the ice is melting. The Arctic is like the air conditioning for the Northern Hemisphere. If it goes away, that's going to change currents, that's going to change weather patterns, that's going to make floods and droughts more catastrophic. It's the most dramatic transformation of a large environment ever.There are about 10,000 to 12,000 narwhals in this region. The numbers are stable here, in other regions are declining. They are waiting for the ice to open up, to swim in, so they can catch the flounder.Temperatures are rising, coral reefs are dying, and not since a meteor hit the earth 65 million years ago, have so many species of plant and animals become extinct in such a short

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