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Introduction Magnet schools are becoming seemingly popular in today’s public school system. What is a magnet school? A magnet school is defined as a public school that operates off a certain curriculum, different than other traditional public schools in that district. These special curriculums may focus on arts, mathematics, science, vocational, or a particular career path. Magnet schools range from elementary, middle, and high school level. In the U.S., these schools were first seen in the later 1960’s. They are the first and most commonly used form of school choice within public education. Magnet schools are considered “schools of choice”. Students from all different backgrounds have the choice to attend. The creation of magnet schools was to help desegregate public schools. They were designed to offer an educational choice but the magnet school system reveals a few challenges: Are magnet schools producing higher academic achievement versus non magnet schools? And are magnet schools really ‘desegregated’? Academic goals Studies completed comparing the outcome of achievements within a magnet or non- magnet school show different results. Mostly positive results are scene however; some studies show that these schools may produce the same…show more content…
Students testing scores are at a higher level, overall achievement is greater, and satisfaction from teacher, student, and parents are larger. Magnet Schools of America also declare an expected higher graduation rate, lesser disciplinary problems, better attendance, more specialized staff, and a developed racial and cultural understanding amongst the students. In 1996, a researcher named Gameron from the University of Wisconsin completed a large study involving 2400 eighth graders. He “found that magnet students made faster achievement gains in most subjects – with the exception of mathematics – than high school students in other types of

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