My Own Bias Case Study

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According to Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia Britannica, sphere of influence is a territorial area within which the political influence or the interests of one nation are held to be more or less paramount (Merriam-Webster). Although I work in a school setting, I do not interact with students on a regular daily basis; therefore, the sphere of influence that I exhibit in the Shelby County School District would be considered minimal. However, the impact that I have would be indirectly. As the strategic plan of Destination 2025 continues to evolve, rendering my services to the faculty and staff allows me to participate in implementing the business (strategic) plans Superintendent Hobson has executed. My Own Bias Although one will not consider themselves…show more content…
Most changes implemented are projected to assist teachers, principals, employees, and community leaders, in an effort to support students in reaching their highest potential by 2025. However, there are hurdles anticipated for SCS. A host of variables are at play with the six schools demerging from SCS reducing the student enrollment, which affects State Funding. SCS following through on closing low-performing district and charter schools. With all schools involved, district and charter, finding enough talent to significantly push students…show more content…
One of SCSs major strengths was surviving the merger of two dissimilar districts, positioning itself to become more than the sum of its parts. Additional strengths are exhibited in the ability to attract and hire high-quality teachers and principals. By doing so, they provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum to support the Superintendent’s ambitious strategic goals for college and career readiness, and in turn offers a promising pilot effort to turn around struggling schools (the Innovation Zone). SCS believes that empowering parents and stakeholders to be involved in the education of their students will make the Memphis community stronger

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