Charlie Gordon In Daniel Keyes Flowers For Algernon

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In the book Flowers for Algernon By Daniel Keyes. Charlie Gordon (the main character). Wants become smarter ;except there’s one problem he’s mentally challenged. Charlie attends school for the mentally challenged, but this only to an extent. One of his teachers volunteered him to be a patient in a research project make the mentally retarded become smart. The theme of this story is don't do things to please others but yourself. The theme of this story is to please yourself not others. Charlie's main objective in his life is to become smart and gain acceptance by others.Algernon,(A mouse) the subject before Charlie Starts to deteriorate and become dumber after a few months after he got the same surgery as Charlie. As Algernon gets dumber so does Charlie. Then Algernon dies leaving Charlie to bury his body.…show more content…
This shows throughout the story by when his friends tell jokes or say something “funny” he wanted to be able to know what it meant. This is shown in everyday life today on the news talking about how someone went to extreme standards to fit someone's certain categories. Lots of the time it’s due to someone experiencing low self esteem when they were a child. Charlie was picked on as a kid they would call him “ Charlie Charlie Fathead Barley”. Causing him later in his life to make him “Smarter” than he was which turned out to be a major failure. 4. So many people feel that they are not perfect enough meaning they feel very sub conscious about themselves. There have been many cases of when people would get life altering body modifications to fit someone's set of standards so they feel like they fit in. They do this because they might have suffered self esteem issues growing up making them to look “better”. People will just sit there and spend millions upon millions just so they’re more
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