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Flowers for Algernon is a science fiction story that makes you rethink about the life deeply and makes you feel grateful for what you have. The story, written by Daniel Keyes and published in 1959 by Fantasy house, won the Hugo award in 1960, and more than 5 million copies have been sold over the world. In this book, the author Keyes looked at many different things such as intelligence, human nature, mental disabilities and love. Keyes stated that he got the ideas for this story from his childhood memories being decided the future by his parents and the experience of encountering a mentally challenged boy in his English class and developed the ideas over 14 years. The whole story is told through Chalie’s eyes with his journal, progress reports and the entire process of how Charlie has improved and slip his intelligence can be easily seen by readers. Charlie Gordon is a thirty-two years old man,…show more content…
However, what he got after he became smart was way different from what he had expected for. He started to recover his lost painful memory of the childhood and family and understand the reality including the bad parts of the world, and founded out that his coworkers who he had believed are good friends make fun of his disabilities, his friend had used him for stealing money from the kind bakery owner, and the professor who lead the experiment treats him as lab animal. As the experiment hadn’t made Charlie mentally intelligent, he couldn’t handle with these problem, and Algernon, the smart lab mouse that had taken the same experiment, was the only one he could open his heart to. At the same time, Charlie fell in love with Alice Kinnian, teacher at the center, but he got panic every time he tried to get close to her as he felt his old self is watching at him although he didn’t

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