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The book I am currently reading is titled “Ship Breaker”, by Paolo Bacigalupi. The novel is about a group of poor people who live in shacks and trying to survive until tomorrow. These people collect scraps off abandoned ships for their bosses. The main character is a teenage boy named Nailer who finds it hard to live like this. Nailer and his crew work really hard and sweat like dogs, and realized that they don’t have to work like they do, as they soon discover a “Lucky Strike”. After reading half of my novel, I recognized the protagonist is Nailer, is a teenager who is in a scavenge crew. He works on a beach and searches valuables on abandoned ships; his main goal is to get rich so he can stop working like a slave. But, Nailers father (Richard) and the crew boss Bapi make it seem…show more content…
The first thing I came upon was the theme of, loyalty could always have two sides to it, I could relate to this because throughout my life I have had many ups and downs and most of the time some people would just let me down, even though the people who I thought had my back. The theme also relates to many people in the world today, lots of people are betrayed because of trusting the wrong people and end up making a fool out of themselves. I was also able to relate to the main character because in the novel it shows that the character was very hard working “Almost done! Nailer scrambled a little farther into the duct, ripping more staples, hurriedly yanking extra copper loose.” (Bacigalupi, 3) Nailer took extra copper to benefit him. I can relate because I am also hard working, when I am doing poorly in a class I put extra time towards that class so I can improve. The theme and the characters allow me to see the world differently because I would never have thought that some people have to work like salves to survive, and I did not know that loyalty could be such a big part of

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