Compare And Contrast George Washington And John Adams

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Lets get ready to party in here, cause I'm about to lay some sick facts about some presidents for you all. These two knuckleheads are my favorite of the first five presidents, both tried hard, and both ended up looking like complete idiots at points. The two men i am talking about are John Addams, and James Madison. I want to point out some similarities and differences of these two, there are plenty of both of them. Now John Adams fallowed George Washington, that must have blown, think about it, he went after not only the first president but the "best" president in most peoples eyes. That is like fallowing JFK, how do you live up to that you will never be enough like when your brother is a Allstate wrestler, and you win a spelling bee, you cannot live up to the expectations. Now Madison, the thing that makes him stand out was completely his…show more content…
Both were smart, John Adams attended Harvard before getting a job with congress, and James Madison was just well known at the time for being a bright individual. Now some of there actions may suggest otherwise but, this is one thing that these patriots had in common. Now the reason i only picked two major things is because this last one is truly major. Both of them made very bad actions about war and actions causing the war. John Adams, when dealing with the XYZ affair he got offended, that is a choice and the wrong one at that. When asked to go to war he refused, even stood against his own friend to prove his point. that is a horrible choice of action if you ask me. His worst decision though had to be the Alien Audition Act of 1798, making that act made him look like a jerky Frenchman. Now James Madison, immediately went to war after the British took American ships, at least try and build an army first, think dang it your a president for Christ's sake. He ended up having a humiliating defeat because he had no troops, weapons, navy, or

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