Charles Darwin's Survival Of The Fittest And Natural Selection

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Abiramm Thamilventhan Survival of The Fittest and Natural Selection The saying “Survival of The Fittest” was made by Charles Darwin a famous biologist, who exposed the world to the idea of Evolution. When Darwin first lead to the idea of Natural Selection one thing he observed was that the most well prepared to survive tended to pass on its genes more often than ones less equipped. Natural Selection is the concept of developed by Charles Darwin and where it is said organisms that are better adapted to their environment and surroundings tend to survive and produce more offspring. Another way to interpret Natural Selection is the way nature favours the reproductive success of some individuals within a population over others. The results of natural selection are not clearly seen until many generations later as the ones that are picked against natural selections do not die out immediately. Similar to human breeders who artificially selected for specific characteristics in domesticated plants and animals, the environment selects individuals that are better suited to their environment. There are many four,…show more content…
When stating survival, it does not always mean survival of the organism; it means survival of the gene. The idea of fittest is not necessarily the one who is most strong or fast; it is the one who is most affected by Natural Selection in a positive way whether it be through Sexual, Disruptive, Stabilizing or Directional Selection. Many believe this idea only applies to animals but in reality, it applies to us as well. In our case the most versatile and unique of us tend to thrive in todays world as being normal is not what people are looking for, whether it be when looking for a job, education or even finding a significant other. Darwin’s idea does not only apply to evolution but also our every day

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