Challenges Of Solid Waste Management

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Solid waste is essentially garbage i.e. waste produced in our homes, businesses and some industrial sources. As the world continues to urbanise and develop economically, waste production is growing steadily, with stronger trends in developing countries. Solid waste production in these countries is growing in volume and in toxicity. The current management of our waste stream that includes collection of waste, incineration or burial, recycling leads to a range of environmental and public health problems. Many of these traditional facilities are objectionable because of environmental concerns. Eco friendly solid waste management is the need of an hour. Zero Waste Model is a remedy for the challenge. Key words: Solid waste Management, toxicity,…show more content…
More and more of our everyday products contain toxic chemicals, such as mercury, and these toxic products are combined with other chemicals, which eventually affect public health and the environment badly. Packaging is the largest and most rapidly growing category of solid waste. More than 30% of municipal solid waste is packaging, and 40% of that waste is plastic. Plastics are non-biodegradable with a long life period. Many of the older solid waste management facilities run by municipalities have been closed down because of environmental concerns. The present paper discusses various issues and challenges of solid waste management and the solution for the problem. Various issues discussed arethe environmental impact of municipal solid waste, current practices of solid waste management and their environmental impacts, an eco friendly solution for solid waste…show more content…
At rural level, rural people generally do not use plastic or metal containers to keep waste segregated as to biodegradable and nonbiodegradable. Instead, they throw it in the open fields. Sometimes it is naturally composted at the local level. At town level, in most towns in India, the practices for the collection and transportation of waste are not defined. No specific mode of collection, transportation, and disposal exists. The garbage is generally dumped in low-lying areas and burned openly. At big-city level, a more defined system of collection, transportation, and disposal/composting exists. People send their waste through locally hired waste collectors and organizations to the community bin. From the community bin, it is transported by

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