Cesar Chavez Accomplishments

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“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the needs and aspirations of others, for their sakes and for our own”, a man who stood in front of millions of people once said. This man was spoken in admiration around the world and had presidents commemorate him. He was seen as a brave soul who stood up for what was right and fought for what he believed in. He is remembered even after his death, continuing to inspire the young and the old to pursue a better life. This person must have affected the lives of people greatly, for he has monuments, foundations, schools, buildings, and streets in his honor. What must that person have done to receive such recognition and importance? This man was Cesar Chavez, a man who meant nothing to the world. He was even seen as below an average human being, yet this “insignificant” person changed the lives of many and became to be a national hero and one of the most inspiring people around the globe. The contribution he gave to the world marked a difference to changing, and just as he said, his achievements were not his alone but also of the community. It’s amusing to think how a single person could change what others thought could never be changed. It’s…show more content…
He was the son of migrant farm workers, and grew to become and American farm worker himself. So living in that environment and growing up, he realized the circumstances in how farm workers and Hispanics were treated. He saw how hard labor was enforced upon them with little rest, and the pay was not enough. Families had to live in a single room, and there was hardly sufficient money to fill their table and satisfy their needs. They received no protection, no benefits, and no working conditions. Their freedom was snatched from them and no one did anything about it. Tired of these problems, Chavez decided to act upon

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