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Kimberly Romero Oct. 16, 2015 Per. 5 Cesar Chavez Cesar Chavez fought for the basic rights and education of Hispanics. He spoke at the Commonwealth in San Francisco, California on November 9, 1984. He spoke about farm workers and Hispanics not having equal rights. In his early life Cesar experienced a lot of injustices and saw how not only his parents, but most farm workers were being mistreated and overworked. Migrant workers were treated poorly and Cesar Chavez fought for civil rights. In 1984, babies born to Migrant workers suffered a 25% higher infant mortality than the rest of the country.…show more content…
Children and grandchildren of farm workers and poor hispanics are moving out of the fields and their barrios (Chavez 56). The fact that they were Hispanics, their children would have to work instead of being educated. In 1984, 30% of Northern California's grain harvesters were underage children. About 800,000 underage children worked harvesting crops with their families. In 1984, there were over four hundred elected judges, city council members, mayors and legislators (Chavez 58). By the year of 2000 the Latino population increased to 35,305,818 in the U.S. Many Hispanics fought for the right of education. "Instead of talking about the right to organize, we must talk about how Hispanics should get there education," (Chavez 57). With this quote Cesar Chavez was explaining how most Hispanics wanted education, but didn't have the ability to access

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