Cesar Chavez's Legacy

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Cesar Chavez’s legacy as a activist to the latino community gave me to in life. Cesar Chavez’s quote, “The end of all education should surely be service to others” empowers me because I am a latino, I am a minority having the struggles of gaining the best education possible, and I am trying to have the same opportunity as any other person out there. This quote that Cesar Chavez said empowered me because I am fighting to receive an education. I faced numerous obstacles, as so have Cesar Chavez, to reach to this point in my life that I am at. I past all my struggle as a high school student and I have proven that a minority latino can be the possible. I graduated from South Mountain High School as the Salutatorian of my graduation class. I…show more content…
I will be the first one of my family just to attend a university but I want to challenge myself and say that I struggled though the tests, exams, etc. and received my diploma. And finally I plan to use my education to finally give back to my community in a long-term way. In other words, I give back to my community right now by volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul. At this moment I have more than 500 hours completed which includes volunteering in the warehouse, cooking, serving food to the low-income families, and tutoring children. But that is just a short-term help; I want to do more. I plan on studying Physiology at the University of Arizona and attend medical school to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. That is how I plan to help my community, by showing that a low-income latino male can do the impossible and achieve greatness. I plan to give hope. I plan to do what Cesar Chavez’s life gave to me, hope. Because of Cesar Chavez’s courageous effort to give a stand to the latino community, to fight for our right made me who I am today and I plan to do the same to my latino community by giving hope. This is my plan, This is my effort I will give as Cesar Chavez did years ago. My action starts with the help of financing my school as what Cesar Chavez said, “The end of all education should surely be service to others.” will give

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