Reflection On Courtney Martin's 'Do It Anyway'

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Do It Anyway Reflection In Do It Anyway, Courtney Martin provides numerous examples of activists that she met with to prove her claim about the new generation of activists. With each activist, she tells their story, how they became who they are, and why they do what they do. While given multiple powerful people, one stood out to me the most- Maricela Guzman. Maricela Guzman was a woman in the military who eventually got raped while on duty by a fellow soldier. Throughout her life, she had her ups and downs, but she always seemed to overcome them. When this catastrophic event took place in her life, it took her a while to bounce back up on her feet but eventually she did. This is why I connected the most with her. Even though I have not been…show more content…
I have noticed ways that I can take what I learned through the book and apply it so it can help me get through certain situations. In order to apply this to my everyday life, it will take time and dedication. I have been through situations where I can possibly do something to help someone who went through the same problem. The concept of helping others is easy, but actually following through with it is the tough part. It will take a number of hours out of my schedule making it very time-consuming. I used to go to the homeless shelter on every first Saturday of every month. Even just that took up a lot of my time. I later on got worn out and quit going. Fortunately, reading this book has told me not to quit. I am now looking for an activity I can do to help the community in some way. In the classroom, I tend to use the learnings to my best ability and strive for my grades. I also plan to use some of the courage from Guzman to talk to the students who do not seem to talk to anyone; I want to start making sure that everyone has someone to talk to and are not alone. I want to do this because if it were me, I would want someone to do it for

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