Struggle In The Field: Documentary Analysis

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The documentary i chosse to watch was a PBS documentary called The Struggle in the Fields. thus documentary includes raw footge of the struggle farm workers endured in the 1960's. Based around the September 8, 1965 strike for education, dedcent wages, and proper housing. The film sheds light not only on labor issues but also on an up and coming activist by the nameof Cesar Chavez; now a man who has his own national holiday. The documentary begins in San Quaxin Valley, a farm that stretched throughout California. Frm workers were considered as items producing products with the maximun pay of $2 a day before being taxed for housing. Conditions for the workers were inhumain, so much so that the life xpectancy of a worker was 49 yaers old.…show more content…
When the uprise of the "Huelga" or strike came about labor leaders saw the need for the creation of the NFA- National Farmworkers association. with in a week of the strike, three thousand farm workers had joined and the formulizationof a union to represent them started to take its roots. Farm owners seeing the threat of such demands sought to attack with illegal junctions. as the strike grew and awareness spread the striked spread to the market place. Strikers began to boycott grapes and grape products and encouraged other citizens to do so as well. The success of the boycott spread throughout the world, certain European nations began to boycott as…show more content…
Although this documentary is not at ll related to my research topic i am still able to make a comparison between its structure and that of my study. Like a qualitative research project, this documentary strted with an issue it wanted to discuss and that was clearly stated at the beginning of the film. I too will start with the main focus of my paper at the strt of it being posed as research question. In the documentry they were not necessarily looking for a theme but inevidently found one (inequality) much like a suspect to find in my paper. Another similarity is the references it included in the film. references were made to the Phillipino strike and Ghandi (in terms of Chavez methods as a labor leader). I too will be looking for references to support my claim and/or findings. I will be looking for prior studies related to m research as well s references supporting the methods I will be taking. The documentr]ary is composed promarily of observations through shotings of the events it describes through narrations. I will lso be including a generous amount of observations through writing and expand in its possible meaning and importance as it also done in

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