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Everyone knows that African Americans were discriminated, but many people do not know that Hispanics and Asians were too. Cesar Chavez was born to the name Cesario Estrada Chavez. He was born near Yuma, Arizona on March 31, 1927. His parents were Librado and Juana Chavez, Cesar was the second child of five. Cesar’s family owned a small farm and ran a country store. A serious drought forced thousands of people to leave their land; including Cesar’s family. They lost their farm and their small store in 1937. Cesar was ten years old when his family was forced to leave to California. His family had difficulties through the years; they moved from farm to farm and often slept on the side of the road. Cesar learned the hard lessons of life; but he also learned his father’s important values.…show more content…
He quote unquote,”spent the worst two years of my life.” He later left the service and went back to his home in Delano, California. There he married his highschool sweetheart, Helen Favela. Cesar and his wife had seven children. Later in life Cesar went all over the state talking to other farmworkers, in 1962-1965. Cesar then created an organization called the National Farmworkers Association. In 1965, The Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee; was into effect because the Delano grape growers cut the pay rates during the harvest. Cesar Chavez was a leader not only because he fighted for the right treatments of Hispanic and Asian farm workers, but he also made sure that they got equal pay, equal treatment and also made sure that all farmers had equal working conditions. Before Cesar spoke out farm workers did not get equal wages. They also experienced pesticides being sprayed while working they do there job for a living. The people spraying the Pesticides did not care about the farmers even though many of them were getting sick. “Its not about the grapes or lettuce, its about the people.”-Cesar

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