Cesar Chavez Accomplishments

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Imagine living in a society where you worked like dogs and had to be paid not for the hours you have worked, but for the amount you have done. Women, children, and men would work for days straight and received very little pay for the work they did. Children, those who made it to school everyday, usually dropped out due to the lack of support in schools. Even though the Mexican-Americans were treated very harshly, they ended up gaining tremendous pride in their race. Chavez created new developments that were a major success, however, not all were successes. Chavez began at an early age to understand the wants and needs of Mexican-American people and he wanted to change it by creating the United Farm Workers of America. The Chicano Movement…show more content…
Even though the riots had difficult and troubling times it also had it’s rewarding times as well . The riots led cesar chavez to earn the rights to a large industry in California. (265) According to An Eyewitness History: The 1960s, a five year period of boycotts had just ended before Caesar won his rights(“Maga”). Governor Gray Davis created a law that stated a holiday could be celebrated starting in 2001 on Cesar Chavez’s birthday March 31st. The holiday was celebrated for the struggle of freedom. According to Marxists, one of the successes was the new developments of the 1960’s that made life for younger chicano generations easier(“Pollock”). Books in school were also supplied for the Mexican-American children and the bullying was limited as much as possible. Therefore, their dropout rates lowered tremendously and graduation rates steadily increased. According to Seattle Civil Rights and Labor Project, May 13, 1969 the Brown Berets published a monthly magazine called “La Causa” which deals with food, housing, unemployment, and even education for the Chicano people(Timeline:Movimento from 1960-1985). This magazine was another help for the Mexican-American lifestyle that is today. It helped with finding shelter and good ways of

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