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Being a nursing assistant is an interesting career for to pursue. Becoming a nursing assistant can be challenging and exciting depending on your work skills. If there are someone in your family that are an nursing assistant then it is best to get an interview from them. There are plenty ways that you can enjoy this career and it can be interesting. Being a nursing assistant you have to love being around peoples and helping the one’s that need some type of help. Being a nursing assistant can seem to be very easy if a person has a wonderful attitude and love to help peoples. Nursing assistant require you to work at the nursing home , hospital , home health and etc. You have to believe that you are best at what you do. The skills that require…show more content…
If the patient want to get around then they need to be transported in a wheel-chair. Passing the state board exam for nursing assistant is based on whether you are certified or not. College degrees are not the only thing you have to do before being a nursing assistant. Your patients will make you who you are when becoming a nursing assistant. Nursing assistant mainly consider taking care of patients. Going to college and getting certified are not the only choice when wanting to become a nursing assistant. Nursing assistant in the United States is fifty percent of the people who perform the job of Nursing Assistant in the United States are expected to make less than twenty six thousand. Atlanta, Georgia would be where I want to take my Nursing Assistant job further because they salary is more than United States Salary and get paid by the hour. Becoming a nursing assistant has always been something that I want to accomplish. Now I am taking the nursing assistant class and getting prepared to take the state board test which require if a person is qualified or not I’m loving the process which I thought it was gone be hard. Good advice to peoples, I would not want to become a nursing assistant from someone else experience because when coming a nursing assistant you have to want to the job because it is basically like taking care of an

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