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The Salem Witchcraft trials are one of the oddest events in American History, perhaps one of the most tragic because of the unnecessary lives the Puritans took during the puzzling witch hunt. Researchers and historians have struggled with the same question year after year, what caused the mysterious actions the girls displayed which caused the Salem Witch Trials to occur. Some say it was the presence of ergot in the rye bread that caused the girls to have strange illusions; others say it was because the girls were horrified of being convicted of witchcraft themselves. The most obvious causes of the Salem Witchcraft Trials is because of the lifestyle in which the Puritans live, they believe in witches, the devil, and spirits of God and the Devil…show more content…
Actions that were perceived as against God or in honor of the devil were punishable by expulsion from society or even execution by hanging. It can be imagined that because of this constant pressure and fear that was based mostly on religion, Puritans often began witch-hunts in search of the Devil in their daily lives. They thought of misfortunes in their lives as punishment from God for acts that were against them. It is dangerous when the church begins to have total control over a group of people as it may begin to turn into corruption of power. This most likely took place in many of the Puritan churches and communities during which the era that the Salem Witch trials took place. Puritans almost came to the point of being brainwashed into thinking that the acts of the Devil were everywhere and that the Devil had to and could be stopped through punishment and trial. The Puritans believed in witches and witches performing the Devil’s evil deeds on Earth as a covenant against God and the worshippers of God. As a result of this, the Salem Witchcraft trials started to rid Puritan infested New England of the Devil. Because of the Puritans strong belief in witchery on Earth, and the strong belief that they could rid themselves of it through trial and executions, the Salem Witchcraft Trials took

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