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A Contextual Review of Tupac Amaru Shakur’s “Changes” Popular culture, also known as pop-culture, has grown in influence to claim a stake among the most popular infotainment outlets in the modern society. The word infotainment is a compound word that has since been considered as a word on its own. It is based on “information” and “entertainment”. Infotainment is an approach to entertainment that involves both education for informational purposes and entertainment for enjoyment purposes. Popular culture thus provides a platform where members of a distinct racial group can find an outlet for both. Resultantly, popular culture has also been a platform for preference in instances where distinct racial groups want to take up particular social causes that affect them and present them in a way that is not only entertaining but also informing. Race is used…show more content…
From the rap song’s lyrics, misleading stereotypes that can be acquired about both the black and the white race are evident. Lyrics like “I’m tired of being poor and to worsen it, I’m black” which appears in the first stanza of the song may lead to the misleading stereotype on black people being the poorest. “My stomach hurts and therefore I’m looking forward to snatching a purse” also leads to the stereotyping of members of the black race as being hungry and robbers (Walter, 2011). These stereotypes might not necessarily be true as members of the black race are wealthy and they can afford meals. At the turn of the millennium during the period which the song was released, many members of the black race had started to break into the middle class. Although a few social misfits exist among the American blacks, the description as provided in Tupac’s Changes does not fit all. Such are the limitations posed by racial definitions which are solely derived from the descriptions which are made through popular

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