Ender And Graff Relationship Essay

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In the book Ender’s Game we see a relationship for between colonel Graff and Ender develop. Their relationship is a very interesting one and hard to explain. I think Graff at first only saw Ender as some kid that had potential to help them win the war against the buggers. But as the book continues we can see their relationship change a number of times. When they meet at Ender’s home, to the ship, to the first few days they landed at battle school, on earth and on the bugger’s empty planet. Their feelings changing toward each other constantly. between hate, anger, resentment, friendship, trust, distrust, respect, and caring. Ender wanted Graff to be on his side. To stand up for him and help him with the other kids at battle school, stop them…show more content…
Including giving Ender than emotional connection he wanted. But Graff did think of Ender as his friend. He just needed to bring out the true soldier in Ender. He had to let Ender think he was completely alone despite being surrounded by tons of other kids and some adults at battle school. As he got better in battle school and acquired Dragon Army, all of the adults who ran battle school especially including Graff, made it more and more difficult for Ender. Ender started to think that all of the adults were against him. He stopped trusting any adult because none of them would ever help him. This is when he started to hate Graff. He realized that part of this was Graff’s fault. He started to think Graff was purposely trying to hurt him. He didn’t think Graff could be being made to act the way he did and putting him through this to make him the best commander their world would ever see. It was not until Ender left battle school for his 3 month leave before command school that Ender started to understand everything that went on between him and Graff. He started to see that maybe there was a chance that Graff did actually care about him. On the 3 month trip to command school they began to talk about things that they had gone through and their current feelings about what was next to come

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