Celebrities Are Better Than People

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What are celebrities? What makes them better than people? Why are they such a big deal? Let's be honest everyone cares about celebrities. No matter who you are you you care about someone famous. Everyone wants to know the latest drama about the latest celebrity who is pregnant or who broke up etc. But what is a blog? The definition of a blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” The creation of celebrity gossip blogs was for people to spread news about celebrities. They are ways that people who love the same celebrity can interact with each other. Or its a way for people who hate a certain celebrity that they can talk about that certain celebrity with other people. The function they serve is to have a platform…show more content…
There is no equality in celebrity blogs.Blogs are beneficial because they create buzz about celebrities, sometimes good buzz sometimes bad. Someone can create the speculation that someone is pregnant and it can make its way up to the real people who actually talk and interview celebrities and it just creates a lot of conflit to lie about people you have no business lying about. A Lot of people who make blogs that are just about something awful about a celebrity face a lot of heat from hard lovers of those certain celebrities. And sometime those celebrities call out that person who creates that blog and it makes that person get a lot of attention and heat that they don't want. Its vice versa, If you create an amazing blog about certain celebrities then sometimes those people get rewarded and those celebrities shout them out of social media platforms or they even get to meet

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