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What accounts for the current popularity of the Paleo diet? The Paleo diet is a widely known, and extremely controversial diet. It has been referred to as a ‘caveman diet’, where a ‘back to basics’ approach is taken in an effort to eat like our apparently healthier, stronger ancestors who were not faced with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the numerous other health conditions that are becoming increasingly common, in modern society. Its numerous health benefits, its effectiveness in encouraging weight loss, and endorsement by celebrities such as Pete Evans, all contribute to the popularity of the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is based on how our ancestors ate millions of years ago in the Palaeolithic period on the season and availability.…show more content…
According to Australia’s latest National Nutrition Survey, more than 2.3 million Australians (13%) aged 15 years and older say they are on a diet to lose weight or to improve their health (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013). Weight loss is advantage of the diet which has significantly increased its popularity. The data in my survey supports this point, as 10 percent of respondents believe that weight loss or other health related reasons are advantages of the diet. Experts such as Pete Evans and Nora Gedgaudas believe a Paleo diet helps many people lose weight this re-creates the food environment that we evolved for, instead of trying to starve the body (Evans, 2015). The goal is to fix the underlying problems (Noël S. , 2014). Evolution into the modern food environment forced our bodies to adapt an inconsistent food supply. We’re adapted for food scarcity, but confronted with overabundance and the constant struggle to limit our consumption. Many people believe that eating less is the key to weight loss, however ‘modern foods’ like fast food lack in nutrition what they provide in calories, so we gain weight even though we’re also malnourished (Cordain, 2005). The Paleo diet involves returning to eating simpler foods like fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats, and reducing processed foods. Studies…show more content…
With these endorsements, as well as the lists of loyal followers and fans on social media, the Paleo campaign has become widespread and accepted, even without rigorous support from science or efficacy trials at a population level (Taylor, 2015). In essence, many people look up to celebrities rather than scientists. These celebrities highlight the benefits of the diet, which draw others in. Outspoken Paleo advocate, Pete Evans, has brought a great deal of attention to the diet. Evans, celebrity chef and now health coach, began promoting a Paleo diet about three years ago, as he was ‘not enjoying life’. His message is clearly finding an audience, with his latest Paleo cookbook becoming the best-selling book in the country (Christopher, 2015). As well as his cookbooks, Evans has launched an online Paleo ‘activation’ program. He has teamed up with Luke Hines, another chef and Paleo ‘supporter’, and created an Australia-wide tour to present ‘actionable solutions for living the Paleo way’ (Evans, 2015). Evans believes that ‘you would not be able to find anyone who is getting sick from adopting this diet’, and by having a celebrity promote this message is going to increase the interest and popularity of the diet (Christopher,

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