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Topshop Marketing Activity Currently a new digital marketing activity that Topshop are partaking in is a colour palette, which they have developed with Pinterest. This allows users to log onto the Topshop website and see boards that they have created around events such as a wedding or autumn. It allows Topshop to give the customer a colour palette based on what they have pinned. This then goes on to give Topshop the ability to suggest clothes to customers based on the colour palette they were given. They even brought it into the real world during London fashion week – organising their flagship store in Oxford Street by colour. Once they did this they then had customers come in with their colour palettes and person shoppers in store would help them pick out items based on colour. Strategic Recommendations…show more content…
Relationship marketing is vital; we want to keep the customers we are gaining through our marketing activities (Nwakanma, Singleton Jackson, N.Burkhalter 2007). I’ll also talk about how they should focus on their brand image. Relationship Marketing A big issue for every company is relationship management, Topshop is very good at making a positive buying experience for its customers and this encourages positive word of mouth, greater sales and retention of its customers. If Topshop continues to manage this correctly and make the colour palette and other e-marketing strategies positive for customers this could have a positive affect on the business. Topshop is recognised as the high street fashion store and is loved by young adults and teens who buy from it. Keeping this image clear can help to keep the relationship with these customers (Newman and Patel, 2004). Defining Relationship

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