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What are the Causes of Teenage Pregnancy in our Country? Teenage pregnancy is defined as an unintended pregnancy during adolescence from ages 13-19. In some cases children are having children from the age of 9 without knowing or believing that in the first instance of engaging in intercourse that they will get pregnant. Teenage Pregnancy has become an uprising issues in our country today so to find out what are the causes of this epidemic, according to CTV3 Belize News on Friday 1, November 2013 a survey was conducted by the United Nation Population Fund (UNDP). The report stated that”Over 7 million under age of 18 are giving birth each year. Belize is listed among the countries with the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the Caribbean…show more content…
Babatunde Osotimehin said on Wednesday November 2013 in London that, “Adolescent pregnancy is most often not the result of a deliberate choice but rather the absence of choices, lack of access to an education, job opportunities, poverty or health care”. To add to her findings or beliefs I believe that they are more factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy for example peer pressure. Sometimes their decisions made are influenced by their friends to have sex even if they are not ready or don’t want to but engage in unprotected sex just to fit in. There is a show on MTV by the name of Teen Moms”, which broadcast the life of teen moms and how they handle their situation. This show was both positive and negative to others. It is positive, because it showcases the problem that these young moms had to endure to take care of their children. Some had to get low earning jobs because they didn’t have an education while going to school, which made it very stressful for them. Some of them reached their breaking point that they wanted to give up and give their child up for adoption. This helped other young girls to be aware that teenage pregnancy is very difficult and if you’re not prepared it will break…show more content…
He added that this is an increasing social and economic problem. Often time’s babies are born with congenital malformations with incomplete development of different body parts. This situation causes medical complications that later on are causes of "immense not only social but also financial

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